Mind Control(part 3)

But all his shouts were in vain,the song was already being played,and so it went on again hour after hour.Seth lost any notion of time;he was still tied to chair,unable to move,and all he wanted was for the song to stop;and it did eventually.Seth felt an incredible relief,but then the two masked men and the nurse entered the room again;he knew what would happen next. After they injection they untied him and put him on the bed;the nurse fed him through a tube with some sort of soup;it had
an awful taste,but at least it was food.They left immediately after she stopped feeding him and then there was silence;Seth enjoyed it,but not for long;he heard a voice on the loudspeaker and it started to repeat again and again: ”Number 476,you will obey us until you die and you will do everything you’re ordered to!Remember that everything you will do will be for the welfare of your country!Get ready to dedicate yourself to the country you love!Get ready to fight and destroy all those who threaten it!” A few months later The colonel was in his office when the short man entered.The colonel invited him to sit down. ”Nice to see you again,Brad!Would you like a glass of whiskey?”
”Thank you very much,Sir ,but I’d rather not;I still have some training to do with the new recruits.” ”As you wish;tell me,please,is 476 ready for the mission?” ”Yes,Sir,he’s ready for the big day;all the details were carefully planned and everything went smooth these last days.Nobody suspects anything,and the president trusts him completely.He has no idea that on Sunday afternoon he and all his guests who take part to the conference will become memory.” ”Good job!What does 476 say?Are you sure he won’t change his mind at the last moment?” ”Yes,Sir,I am positive;the experiment was a complete success!We turned an ordinary man into a killing machine.That’s what he said to me yesterday:”When I detonate the bomb I will carry on myself I will do it with a smile on my face;I’m so glad I can die doing a great thing for my country!”These are his exact words,it’s really impressive!” ”Yes,it is!I am so thrilled;it’s the moment I’ve been waiting for decades and it’s about to happen!Well done,Brad!As soon as the detonation takes place,we’ll take advantage of the chaos created and storm the presidential palace with our well trained troops,and then nothing will stand in our way!We’ll rule this great country the way we want and we’ll start implementing a new world order!Isn’t that exciting?” THE END

Article Written By Sebastian Onciu

Romanian by birth and global citizen at heart, with a great thirst of knowledge and a desire to communicate with people from all corners of the world.

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