Unforgettable Memories: The Day I Quit Smoking

The day I decided to give up the nasty habit of smoking remained deeply embedded in my mind because, whenever I have to make some sacrifices, my thoughts go back to that period in which I managed to prove to myself and to other people as well that great things can be achieved by anyone which hasĀ  enough will to try to make a change for the better.<
Unforgettable Memories: The Day I Quit Smoking
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It was August 18th 2010, a date which remained embedded in my memory because it marked a very significant moment for me: it was the day in which I smoked my last cigarette up to now and hopefully forever. I remember it clearly because it was a hot summer day and in spite of that I had a cold. When I looked at my cigarette pack and saw that I still had one left, I said to myself : if I have caught a cold in the midst of summer, aren’t cigarettes one of the causes for which my immune

system was weakened? Isn’t it time to think more carefully about my health and also my budget and get rid of that poison forever?

Those thoughts occupied my mind while I was smoking my last cigarette; however, I felt the determination grow inside after finishing it; the idea of finally giving up a bad habit that had dominated me for more than 15 years gave me a state of enthusiasm I hadn’t felt for a very long time. I knew there were a few people who had successfully quit smoking without any use of e-cigarette or other methods;I said to myself : If they could do it by will and determination only, why shouldn’t I do it too? They’re no better than me and I will

prove it to them!   

And I did it; although some people thought I wouldn’t resist  the temptation of starting again after being used to smoke almost a pack a day for many years, I proved them wrong and I also proved to myself that wherever there is will, there’s also power. Sadly, some of my friends who had quit before me started smoking again ever since, but it’s their choice and I respect it. As for me, I’ve turned from a passionate smoker into a person who dislikes the smell of cigarettes, and whenever I hear about someone who is going to try to quit smoking, I encourage that person to go ahead and do it.

It may be hard at the beginning, but once you’ve passed the initial critical stages when you feel that you can’t resist without smoking, you will definitely feel better. That’s how I felt once I realized I had defeated my addiction, and that’s why that August day will always represent in a way the symbol of a rebirth, of setting myself free from a vice that sadly still holds captive millions of people worldwide!

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  • Sebastian Onciu  21-08-2017
    Yes, it was a great achievement at that time and now, seven years after quitting, I can say for sure that I will never smoke again, but just like you, I am addicted to EC and this is the type of addiction for which I have no intention to find a cure!
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    • abhi_bangal  05-09-2017
      I really appreciate this my friend. And I am in all agreement with you as far as the thing of will is concerned. It is really not easy to curb certain feelings in life. For me, it's trying hard to control tea. Tea sounds quite a good drink at times to me. But I know it is harmful to a certain extent. But when I work for hours together, it really gets difficult to continue without having a cup of it.
  • abhi_bangal  20-08-2017
    Hey, this sounds cool to know that you finally were able to overcome the addiction of smoking. Very few people are really able to quit it after starting at some point in their lives. I am sure your story will be an inspiration for whoever read your story and if they are addicted to something or the other. I, by the way, am addicted to EC and commenting like this. It's lovely out here :) :)
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