Mind Control(part 2)

Minutes passed slowly;Seth couldn’t move his arms,his legs,his neck,but he was conscious.Suddenly a there was a song on the loudspeaker,and Seth recognized it instantly.He couldn’t believe his ears;it was a song he had laughed about and even written a mocking comment on Youtube;now the song got its revenge on him: ”It’s Friday,Friday Gotta get down on Friday Everybody’s looking forward to the weekend,weekend, Friday,Friday”
And his biggest fears came true;the awful song of that teenage girl he had laughed about was being played on and on,and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it.he could hear” Friday,Friday” and ”yeah,yeah” and ”Partyin’,Partyin’ ” over and over again.”I’m gonna loose my mind!”he said to himself.”What do these freaks want from me?What have I done to deserve this?Please,someone save me!” But there was no one to come to rescue and hours went and the song was played on and on and on and Seth was powerless and devastated inside.Eventually it stopped;Seth fell asleep immediately. He awoke suddenly when someone threw a bucket of water in his face.He realized that he was no longer paralyzed,but instead he was tied to a chair and there were all kinds of belts and straps attached to his chest and arms.There was a man standing in front of him,he was short and middle-aged and wore on an overcoat which reminded him of lieutenant Colombo,one of his favorite character,but there was nothing good in that man’s look.He was staring at Seth in a way that made Seth freeze with horror.Finally,the strange man started to talk: ”476,it’s time for
a new stage of your training to begin!You must become a new and virtuous man!” “What are you talking about?Wasn’t I virtuous before?And who are you people,why won’t you answer me?” ”You must forget all your daily pleasures and be completely dedicated to the cause!” ”What cause?What the hell are you talking about?I don’t have any cause,I’m just a simple taxi driver,all I want is to work and have a little fun,give me break with your stupid cause,you sick f…” He didn’t manage to finish his sentence;he felt a terrible shock inside his body and shouted as loud as her could;he realized he was being electrocuted. ”That’s not nice at all”,said the short man.”You must forget this bad language and you must learn to obey!You will do it,believe me!You will obey and behave nicely,believe me,you have no other choice!Either you do what we say,or you die!” Seth felt exhausted and completely unable to reply;he said to himself:”Come what may!I am dead if I don’t do what they say,I have to do what they want for the moment!” He decided to remain silent;he wouldn’t say anything,maybe they will leave him alone if he didn’t protest anymore.Finally,the man talked to him again: ”It looks like you’re beginning to come to your senses,but you still have to learn some lessons.Guys,play him ”Poker Face” alll day long! ”Poker face?No,please,I hate Lady Gaga!That’s more than I can take!Please,I will do whatever you want,just stop it!” ”I’m sorry,but you need to be taught a lesson to become a new man;you must accept your punishment,so let the music play!” ”Oh,God!Please,no!Noooooo!” Related Articles: http://expertscolumn.com/content/mind-controlpart-1 http://expertscolumn.com/content/mind-controlpart-3

Article Written By Sebastian Onciu

Romanian by birth and global citizen at heart, with a great thirst of knowledge and a desire to communicate with people from all corners of the world.

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