My First(and Probably Last)year On Triond

   April 2011 was the month in which my Triond adventure began;one year after I take a look back at my experience with this writing site to see if it's still worth the effort of writing for it.


    Triond is the first online writing site I joined and,like every thing one does for the first time,it had a special meaning for me because I thought it would broaden my horizon by allowing me to express myself freely and at the same time by giving me the opportunity to communicate with new and interesting people from all over the world.I was

initially attracted by the friendly design of the site and by the fact that it gave me a variety of options,represented by all its specialised sites and by the possibility of including photos and videos from Youtube.However,soon after I published a few poems I had my first unpleasant experience with it:my other articles except poems were rejected and I really couldn't understand why;I was about to give it up when I discovered the solution to this problem on a discussion on the wonderful site Mylot,so I contacted Triond admins through the site Getsatisfaction and soon after my articles were no longer rejected.I realized that was one bug that all Triond beginners were confronted with,but luckily I got rid of it and I was able to write and have my works published,a fact which gave me more confidence and determination to write.

      A few months passed in which I managed to publish a relatively big number of articles and at the same time I discovered a wonderful community of people who were supporting each other by commenting and viewing articles.It was the fact which motivated me to go on,even if I also noticed that Triond had many glitches and sometimes it was really annoying,and at the same time I realized that my earnings were far from decent on this site.However,I said to myself that I had to keep on writing and promoting my articles on Facebook,Twitter,Digg and so on,and the results would eventually come.I was also encouraged to continue by the efforts Triond admins appeared to make by asking their users to help cleaning the site of poor quality and offensive articles so as to allow Triond to survive the changes made by Google which affected it and other writing sites as well,and also by the bonuses they gave

for publishing a certain number of articles in a month,so when I managed to earn more than $2 in two consecutive months(October and November 2011)I thought that Triond was on the right track.

    Unfortunately,from that moment on things got from bad to worse:there were no more monthly specials and the earnings began to drop again;even if I published an article which brought me a significant number of views in its first days,it didn't bring me more than a few cents;that bitter experience,together with the realization of the fact  that there is a site which is truly worth the effort because it respects its users and allows them to earn decently from their work(Expertscolumn,of course)finally made me lose my enthusiasm for Triond.I still published a few articles there,which I republished a few days later on EC(with much better views and earnings),then I asked myself if there was any point in publishing those works on Triond first if all I could get was a few pennies,so eventualy after reaching the 100 article badge on Triond in february I decided to suspend my activity there for an unlimited period of time.

    In conclusion,after 100 articles and more than 20,000 views I lost my patience with Triond and I consider it a big disappointment.It's a shame that those who founded and took care of this initially promising site are doing nothing to please their users.It seems that they abandoned the site,and even if it still pays monthly,the amount a user with a significant number of articles published earns from them is simply ridiculous,so for me Triond is a falling star and I don't see any future for it unless somebody buys it and decides to reinvent it and make it lucrative for its members.That is of course very unlikely to happen,so all I can say right now is:I'm sorry Triond,but I'm leaving you for good!


Article Written By Sebastian Onciu

Romanian by birth and global citizen at heart, with a great thirst of knowledge and a desire to communicate with people from all corners of the world.

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