The Slaughter Of African Elephants-a Gruesome Reality

      Elephants are undoubtedly some of the most beautiful and majestic creatures we can still find on planet Earth;unfortunately,like many other species,even these wonderful animals are threatened because of the endless greed and stupidity of many members of the human race.This terrible reality is predominant in Africa,where the killing of elephants by poachers reached alarming rates,so it’s obvious that drastic measures need to be taken to save these beautiful animals from extinction.


       As I read on the site Avaaz,a very important summit that will debate issue concerning the protection of endangered species takes part in Bangkok in the first half

of March.
What’s really interesting about the location of this conference is the fact that the host country,Thailand,has a very important role in the slaughter of African elephants,and that is happening because this country still allows ivory trade from Thailand’s domestic elephants,and this open door left by Thai law is fully exploited by bad guys who smuggle African ivory into Thailand and mix it with domestic sources which makes it impossible for anyone to tell them apart;thus African elephants are slaughtered at a massive scale by poachers for their precious tusks,and the ivory turns into all sorts of luxury items and statues that are very appreciated on the Asian markets,while the criminals who commit  these atrocities make huge money out of the illegal ivory trade.

       This terrible reality can still be changed,and the Thai authorities can play a crucial role in saving thousands of

African elephants and set an example for other Asian countries by completely banning the ivory trade.That is the message of another petition I discovered on Avaaz,which is addressed to Thailand’s Prime Minister Shinawatra,which I signed hoping that through that signature I will also bring my humble contribution in determining Thai authorities to take a decision that might be vital for the future of African elephants:the complete ban of ivory trade.

      It’s obvious that only this total ban under the threat of severe punishments for the perpetrators will discourage many of those poachers from annihilating those beautiful and intelligent creatures that play such an important part in the culture of many countries.I think the Bangkok summit will represent a turning point for the fate of African elephants and other endangered species which can still be saved while it isn’t too late.Let’s hope that those who govern Thailand will take into account
the voices of people from all over the world and take the right measures to protect those gorgeous animals.


Article Written By Sebastian Onciu

Romanian by birth and global citizen at heart, with a great thirst of knowledge and a desire to communicate with people from all corners of the world.

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