The Trans-pacific Partnership-a Threat To Democracy?

     There are many things regarding extremely important topics that are kept as secret as possible in the attempt to stop people from taking action against them and protect their interests before it’s too late to prevent those potential threats from turning into cruel reality.However,no matter how much those who have the means and the power to decide how the world should be try to keep ordinary people in the dark,they still can’t hide everything from the public and when details on their secret plans and negotiations are leaked,it is possible for citizens to take attitude against them.

of the examples of such agreements I have just found out about after receiving an email from Avaaz is the Trans-Pacific Partnership(TPP),a deal which apparently represents just a trade agreement between nine countries,the most important one being obviously the US,but from what I understand after reading the message sent by Avaaz,it is much more than that.There are some leaked documents which suggest that the TPP is in fact a giant global corporate pact whose main goal is to protect the interests of big investors by imposing some rules on governments,and those rules will be enforced by an international tribunal.

       It may sound a little like a conspiracy theory,but I’m convinced there is a lot of truth and the threat is real;the fact that there isn’t any transparency in those negotiations clearly indicates that those corporate bureaucrats who created the TPP

and are negotiating it these days have many things they try to hide from the public outcry.As far as I understand the TPP will introduce measures that will affect freedom of speech on the Internet,protect the interests of tobacco companies or undermine protections for air and water safety,among others.All those rules,that put corporate profit above people’s needs,will eventually affect individuals at global level and will only increase the wealth and power of big business at the expense of ordinary citizens who will be nothing that puppets in the hands of those corporate giants who will rule the world.

     All the things I read about the TPP make me think that the menace of a global corporate takeover on governments is as real as possible,and that thought made me sign the petition created by Avaaz which is addressed to the governments which are negotiating it and urges them to stop that process which is after all a threat to democracy at a global level.Will those governments be sensitive to the protests and petitions of people worldwide and reject the agreement?I definitely hope so.

Article Written By Sebastian Onciu

Romanian by birth and global citizen at heart, with a great thirst of knowledge and a desire to communicate with people from all corners of the world.

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