The Saltiest Lake In The World

The saltiest lake in the world can be found in one of the least accessible places on Earth:Antarctica.
The saltiest lake in the world can be found in one of the least accessible places on Earth:Antarctica. Don Juan Pond,also known as Lake Don Juan in Antarctica,is one of the strangest places on Earth and at the same time it is the saltiest lake in the world,with a salinity of over 40%.The small,hyper saline lake has a bigger level of salinity than the Dead Sea,which is considered by many people to be the saltiest lake in the world,but in fact it has a salinity of only 33%.It also beats
Lake Assal in Africa which is the saltiest lake in the world situated outside the Antarctic Area,and whose salinity reaches 35%. The small,but unique lake was discovered in 1961 and it was named in honor of two pilots,Lt Don Roe and Lt John Hickey,who were among the first to fly by helicopter
among that pond.Although Lake Don Juan is shallow,the high content of salt makes it the only lake in Antarctica which never freezes.Furthermore,it is the only lake which is never covered with ice in wintertime! The location in which it is situated and its unearthly aspect and unique features turned Lake Don Juan into a research filed for scientists who relentlessly try to find clues about the presence of life forms on Mars.Astro biologists consider that Don Juan Pond has features which resemble those found on our neighboring planet,which allows them to study elements discovered on Mars.They try to understand how water reacts in high salinity conditions,and also try to see which gases are produced in order to see whether there can be life on Mars.One thing is sure:you donít have to travel to outer space to live an unearthly experience:itís enough to travel to Antarctica and find this incredible lake!

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