Mind Control(part 1)

“Wake up,476!Wake up and get up right now!” Seth opened his eyes,took a look around and couldn’t believe his eyes.He was confined in a room with grey walls and only a bed and a toilet in it.He felt so confused!How had he gotten there?Why wasn’t he at home,preparing his breakfast?What was happening? ”476,are you ready to start your training?” The voice came from a loudspeaker in the upper left corner of the room.Seth was stunned;he gathered his thoughts
and decided to reply: ”What are you talking about?I am Seth Johnson,who are you people?Why do you keep me locked in here?” ”You are number 476! Remember,that’s what you are from now on!A number,you no longer have a name!” ”I am not a number,I am a free man!” shouted Seth angrily;he was beginning to loose his temper. ”Free man?Hahahahaha!!!!Forget about it;you are number 476,keep that in mind!I’ll leave you for the moment;you will soon have your meal,and you’ll start your training!Enjoy it!” ”Wait!What kind of training are you talking about?And who are you,answer me,damn it!”shouted Seth,really angry this time. But it was all in vain;the voice didn’t respond.It was a complete silence for a few moments;Seth took another look around.The room was completely isolated,it has no windows and no light came from outside,and the only way to get out of there was through a heavy iron door.He tried to encourage himself and closed his eyes.”It’s only a nightmare;when I open
my eyes again,I’ll be in my room!”Then he opened his eyes,but he was still there,nothing had changed.Seth began to feel the anger grow within and started to shout. ”Get me out of here right now!I will go to justice and you will be punished!I want out right now,you freaks!” Only av few seconds later,the heavy iron door opened and two well-built individuals,with masked faces,entered the room and grabbed Seth by the arms.One of them talked to him in a calm voice: ”476,why are you making so much noise?Where are you manners?It’s time to calm down ,your training is about to start!” ”I am not 476,you morons!I am Seth and I want to be free right at this moment!Let me out!” But the two masked guys didn’t seem too impressed by Seth’s screams.One of them turned around and shouted: ”Nurse!You may come now!It’s time for the injection!” ”What injection?What are you going to do me?Are you insane?Let me out now!” Meanwhile the nurse entered,came straight to Seth and,without any comment,stuck the needle of the syringe straight into Seth’s forehead.He felt instantly paralyzed with terror;he wanted to shout again,but couldn’t utter a single word.He could hear what the men were talking. ”Good job,let’s put him on the bed!He will be like this for a few good hours!Let’s start the training!” Then the two men and the nurse left the room and closed it.Seth couldn’t move;he could do nothing but think;he started to realize that it was only the beginning and the worst part was yet to come! Related Articles: http://expertscolumn.com/content/mind-controlpart-2 http://expertscolumn.com/content/mind-controlpart-3

Article Written By Sebastian Onciu

Romanian by birth and global citizen at heart, with a great thirst of knowledge and a desire to communicate with people from all corners of the world.

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