Top 5 Metal Covers Of Abba Songs


   The influence that famous Swedish pop group ABBA exerted on modern music also reflected on metal music.

    ABBA,one of the biggest names in pop music,is a name that represented an influence even for other musical genres,including metal;there are famous metal bands which covered ABBA songs and there was even a special compilation,’A Tribute to ABBA’,released in 2001,in which bands from different areas of rock and metal covered their greatest hits.These are my choices for best metal covers of ABBA songs.


Sargant Fury was a band who released three albums which should have gained much more attention,or at least

that’s what I read about them.Judging by the great cover they made for one of ABBA’s best songs,I think it’s true,they should have had more recognition.


German power metal/neo - classical metal band At Vance also delivers a great cover of a true ABBA classic;the cover was also featured on the band’s debut album,’No Escape.’


This huge ABBA hit was covered by several names from the world of rock,including Sisters of Mercy,Yngwie Malmsteen and Beseech,but I chose the Sinergy version because it’s the heaviest and it also has a female voice,a necessary presence when we talk about ABBA.


Swedish progressive/power metal band Tad Morose also managed to create a great version of a timeless ABBA classic which was also included on the tribute album from 2011.A metalized version of ABBA which sounds truly great!


Not surprisingly the

first position also belongs to a band from ABBA’s country,Sweden,and it isn’t any band,but the fantastic symphonic metal outfit Therion,which included this song on one of their best albums,’Secret of the Runes.’ There’s also a brilliant video made for this amazing ABBA cover.

   These are my top choices which show that,although it appears to be a huge difference between disco and hard rock/metal,these two genres aren't totally incompatible.There are other pop groups,not just ABBA,(for example Depeche Mode)whose songs were covered by metal bands and the results weren't bad at all.

    If you want to hear the tracks in this top,check out the original article I have posted on Triond:

Article Written By Sebastian Onciu

Romanian by birth and global citizen at heart, with a great thirst of knowledge and a desire to communicate with people from all corners of the world.

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  • Sparkster  07-04-2017
    Interesting. When I first saw the title of this post, I didn't think I'd ever known a metal artist to do a cover of any ABBA songs... until I saw Gimme Gimme Gimme by Yngwie Malmsteen in the list then it clicked. That's the only one I've ever heard. I'm definitely going to have check out some of these. On a side note, are you familiar with Ginger Wildheart? I don't think he's done any ABBA covers but he has a music project called Hey! Hello! which is a bit like a heavy ABBA, as they are one of his influences.
    reply 0
    • Sebastian Onciu  15-04-2017
      I'm not familiar with Ginger Wildheart yet, but I'm definitely going to check it out very soon, so thank you for the suggestion and keep on listening to great music!
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