Die On Your Feet Or Live On Your Knees

A few thoughts on freedom in modern society.
A few thoughts on freedom in modern society. A few days ago I was listening to a song from Yngwie Malmsteen entitled Riot in the Dungeon about people chained in a dungeon who finally decided to take action at any cost and rebelled against those who kept them in chains even with the risk of their own lives when I started to wonder whether I was in the same situation with them in a metaphoric sense.It seems to me sometimes that society is like a big prison if you donít manage to find the means to free
yourself,and by means I mean money first of all,because our entire lives are conditioned by it.There are many instances when we do things we donít like or even accept jobs we might even hate just to fit in and have our place in a society in which many people are almost turned into robots,depersonalized and willing to do whatever is required from their bosses without taking attitude.Isnít this attitude similar to that of a prisoner in a dungeon?There is a difference though:modern man is bound by invisible chains that keep his mind and conscience prisoners. Of course,every person is born free,it is said,but unfortunately
freedom is for many people just an illusion,an abstract word which has nothing to do with reality.Taking all these aspects into consideration,it looks like the only chance for many people to free themselves is to rebel against their condition and try to break those chains,but many of them prefer not to try to do it for fear of the consequences,because losing your job when you have to pay for a bank loan for example is enough to discourage many people who prefer to live on heir knees,but to survive rather than risk everything for the sake of freedom. Anyway,Iím sure there are people who go through this moral dilemma,and a few of them even take action and try to change their lives even if this might cost them a very high price,and I canít stop having a sort of respect these people and their courage to fight and sometimes die on their feet instead or living on their knees and crawling to the ground just to survive.Maybe if most people had this courage they would make a difference and people would feel really free and ready to create a better world.

Article Written By Sebastian Onciu

Romanian by birth and global citizen at heart, with a great thirst of knowledge and a desire to communicate with people from all corners of the world.

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