Top 5 Non-english Clubs With Premier League Names

A list of football clubs whose names are inspired by those of famous teams from the FA Premier League England,the country who invented modern football,had an essential role in the development and the spreading of the game throughout the world,thatís why there are teams with English names even in countries where English isnít the main language,and there are also teams in different parts of the world which bear the names of some of the prestigious English clubs,as you can see below. 5.NEWCASTLE UNITED JETS(AUSTRALIA) Newcastle
united Jets comes from the city of Newcastle in Australia and itís a young club,being founded in 2000.They participated in the inaugural season of A-League,2005-2006,and won their first and only title in 2008,and had one participation in the Asian Champions League (20099,where they reached the last 16.Its most famous former player is Brazilian striker Mario Jardel. 4.BEREKUM CHELSEA F.C.(GHANA) Another club founded in 2000,Berekum Chelsea plays in Premier league too,because this is also the name of the Ghanaian top-flight league.The 2010-2011 season was a historical one for them because they won their first title. 3.EVERTON DE VINA DEL MAR(CHILE)
Unlike the clubs listed above,Everton has a much bigger tradition,being born in 1909.It won 4 titles in Chile,the last one being the 2008 Apertura.In August 2010 they played a historical game against English club Everton F.C. in Liverpool,the first ever encounter between the two teams,which ended in 2-0 win for the English side.Unfortunately,in the same year they were relegated to Primera B,the second division in Chile. 2.LIVERPOOL F.C. MONTEVIDEO(URUGUAY) Like Everton,Liverpool F.C. has a rich tradition,being founded in 1915,but unfortunately for them,they were always overshadowed by the two powerhouses from Montevideo,Nacional and Penarol,and they never managed to win a single title in their almost centennial history!They only participated once in Copa Libertadores,so their glory days are yet to come. 1.ARSENAL DE SARANDI(ARGENTINA) Founded in 1957,Arsenal plays in Primera Division and it never managed to win a title in their country.However,they won their first international trophy,Copa Sudamericana in 2007 after eliminating notable teams like San Lorenzo,River Plate,Guadalajara,and in the final they defeated another Mexican club,America.Their second international success came in the Suruga Bank Championship,a match played between winners of J-League Cup and Copa Sudamericana.They took the trophy in 2008 after beating Japanese team Gamba Osaka,1-0.

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