The Human Body Exhibition-an Unusual Way To Expand Anatomy Knowledge


   In an age where people expanded their knowledge towards distant stars and galaxies we still have a micro universe that’s still not fully explored and understood:the human body.However,it seems that in the recent years knowledge about this intricate and wonderful machinery has become available to more and more people around the world,and one of the most unconventional and extremely controversial ways of expanding knowledge of anatomy is represented by some of the weirdest displays ever shown,which feature human bodies preserved through the technique of plastination.


   I have to confess that a few years ago when I first

saw a news report on such a bizarre exhibition taking place somewhere in Europe and looked for pictures with the “models”on the Internet,I was absolutely horrified;I thought that showing dead bodies perfectly preserved with all their muscles,tissues and organs to the visitors was quite a sick idea,but  then I thought that such an exhibition might represent the best way to see what’s inside our bodies for real(in fact,you can’t get a much more real experience than this),so now when a human body exhibition is presented at the Antipa Museum in the capital of my country,Bucharest,I seriously consider taking a trip to the capital and seeing it with my own eyes.After all,no matter how many movies or pictures you see on the Web,nothing compares to the real deal.I still have time to make up my mind till the end of June to go there and wonder at the complexity of the body and probably learn a lot of new and exciting things about the way it works.

    So,is such a unusual, and for some people outrageous exhibition,a gate towards a better understanding of our own bodies?Well,I think it is,and I also think it can have positive and educational value,at least for adults,because seeing the inside of a human being with
all its secrets revealed is the best way to understand the connections between the different elements which work together to make this miracle called life possible,and the sights of sick organs,no matter how unpleasant it may seem,can have a strong positive impact on the visitors.For example,I heard that people can see the lung of a

person who was a heavy smoker;I think that such an unpleasant view might make some of the smokers who see it have second thoughts about their vice and even decide to give it up.

    Of course,there are people who will never agree to come and see such an exhibition,mostly for religious reasons;they probably perceive it as a desecration of the human body and I can understand their point of view.However,it’s everyone’s choice to decide whether it’s good for them to see such a thing.It’s obvious that there are many curious people whose thirst for knowledge and understanding is much stronger than any religious prejudice,and that’s what explains the huge success this exhibition,in spite of the controversy it generates,had whenever it was shown.I also tend to agree with those who consider that is not quite appropriate for children to see it,at least for those under 10,and it’s definitely not recommended for very sensitive people either.

    As for me,I guess I will find the time to go and see those real bodies in their full splendor;after seeing the pictures and reading about plastination on the net,I think I have quite a good idea of what to expect,but somehow I still have the feeling that when I see those bodies in front of me I will remain completely stunned.Nevertheless,it would be an unique experience and if millions of people have already lived it,why shouldn’t I do it too?So,if you had the chance to visit such a weird exhibition,would you do it?


Article Written By Sebastian Onciu

Romanian by birth and global citizen at heart, with a great thirst of knowledge and a desire to communicate with people from all corners of the world.

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