The Law Of Compensation-the Main Feature Of My Recent Online Experience

      It is said that there is a law of compensation for everything that is in life,that there is somehow a balance between the good and the bad moments,between light and dark,between happiness and sorrow,and all the events which happen throughout our existence are somehow ruled by this law.My experience with different online sites in the first half of 2013 made me go through a lot of states,from great expectations to utter disappointment,but somehow it also enabled to become more patient and not expect great things to happen all of sudden.


    The beginning of this year was not a happy

one for me in terms of online activities because one of my favorite sites,Expertscolumn,went through a deep crisis,and honestly if I hadn’t had copies of my lost articles which allowed me to republish them I would have probably given it up;however,at the same time with the EC disaster I had a more than pleasant surprise after discovering the new kid in town called Bubblews;writing posts which required only a minimum of 400 characters and then earning fast from views and comments seemed too good to be true,yet it was real;after getting my first two payments I thought,like many other users,that I had finally found El Dorado,also known as Bubblews,and I forgot the disappointment cause by EC and its troubles.

     However,that joy was short-lived since Bubblews suddenly stopped paying and I haven’t seen my third and fourth payments to this day,a fact which made me abandon it and put Expertscolumn back where it belongs,at the top of my list.This is a perfect example of how the law of compensation worked;further on,I went from joy to sadness and vice versa again just a few weeks ago.Well,sadness is understatement because in fact I was shocked to see how one of the sites I truly loved,Mylot,abruptly changed its policy and discontinued its earning program,thus giving me no more motivation to keep on being active there.

     Mylot’s sudden demise,which left

a void in my online world because I still didn’t find a similar discussion site or one close to it,was fortunately followed very fast by a happy event:after almost three months of waiting and after abandoning al hope of getting my virtual Redgage card,I got it and within two days I had my first payment from Redgage in my bank account.That satisfaction came at the right moment because it quickly helped forget the disappointment caused by Mylot;so you see,here comes the law of compensation:Mylot was out of my list,but almost immediately Redgage filled the gap and restored my confidence in online earnings.

     What have I learned from these more or less pleasant experiences I had with several sites I dedicated my free time to in the last period?The main lesson is that I should have a balanced attitude,I realize that I shouldn’t expect too much from these online activities,because just like Mylot they can all go down in a second,but at the same time I shouldn’t feel very disappointed either because new opportunities always emerge.I am curious to see what the future has in store for me in terms of online earnings;I’m sure there will be more ups and downs,and the law of compensation will continue to work in this field as it happens with our lives in general.

Article Written By Sebastian Onciu

Romanian by birth and global citizen at heart, with a great thirst of knowledge and a desire to communicate with people from all corners of the world.

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  • abhi_bangal  20-08-2017
    We all are here to earn a few extra bucks. But yes, sometimes, it becomes very personal and expressions like joy and disappointment take over us easily. Yes, I was at every place that you mentioned. And at times we both were active on the same site at the same time. MyLot was a good experience to me as I used to earn well from it. RG too was my favorite option, as you know. I don't understand why they decided to make it only a Q&A site and not pay its members. But when it comes to EC, yes, this site too saw some wayward days. But finally, it's great to see this back here. When you are assured of your pay, you are happy to do more work. Great job, EC!
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    • Sebastian Onciu  21-08-2017
      Yes, out of all the sites we used to work on at that time only EC and MyLot still offer us a rewarding experience, even if less lucrative compared to their earlier versions, but I'm sure earnings will improve, especially on EC, the site I still trust the most after all these years!
  • goldstay  18-08-2014
    well, just like you, I also started earning from Triond but disappointments also caused me to leave the site. I tried so much writing website opportunities but majority of them just became a big frustration for me. I agree with what you said as not expecting much for these websites because these can also be compared to a business taking a lot of risks. I hope Experts column doesn't have risks at ;
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