Redgage-my Latest Paying Site

     Yes,it finally happened!After almost three months since requesting the Virtual Redgage Card,a long waiting period which made me think that it was just another waste of time,the moment has come for me to enjoy the first reward from this site.The virtual card is activated,so I can start using it;and since Redgage has now officially been added on my short,but precious list of earning sites,it’s time for me to make a review of this site.

     My relationships with Redgage has been quite long,I had joined it almost two years ago,but unlike other great sites like Mylot or

Expertscolumn,RG has never been one of my favorites.I was attracted by it for a while,when I saw that it allowed to do several useful things,such as posting links of my articles from other sites and of course posting photos and commenting upon pictures from fellow users,which is obviously the favorite activity of Redgage fanatics,but still I didn’t pay much importance to it,and the reason for my lack of interest in this site and its apparently amazing potential was very simple:I wasn’t exactly pleased with their payment method.

    If only Redgage had worked with Paypal as a payment processor instead of using that debit card,whether it’s physical or virtual,how great that would be!I’m convinced that I would have made those $25 necessary for the first payment very fast,it would probably have taken two months instead of two years to reach that threshold!But,since there was not even a mention of the possibility of changing the way RG pays its users and also since I read some less positive reviews of this site,I decided to focus on other online activities,until a friend of mine convinced me to give it a chance,so I published more photos and more links,especially of articles from the one and only Expertscolumn,I made new friends and of course promoted my links on Facebook and Twitter,and in February 2013 I reached the minimum of $25 and started waiting for the virtual card to be e-mailed to me.

      Ever since that moment,my experience with RG hasn’t been pleasant.In addition to the  annoying fact that I always had to click twice to log in,I noticed that the site went through really hard times during those last few months and I had the impression that they were doing nothing to solve their ever growing issues,which made me view Redgage as an abandoned ship which is simply waiting for the fatal blow to be sank for good.There were days in which my earnings weren’t moving at all,although I had promoted them,or even worse,there was a period in which I couldn’t view my own profile;it wax very frustrating and I

honestly thought RG was dying.

       However,it appears that I was wrong;the site is still here and,what’s more important for me,it finally sent me the virtual card,so now I have $20 to spend on online shopping and from now on the money I make will be added automatically to my account.Obviously,this achievement revived my interest in RG,so it’s time for me to get back there,check on my friends’activity and upload new material.After all,even if I don’t  get the money in my hand as it happens with my other online exploits,I can buy many things on the web from now on using the wonderful Redgage virtual card,and it’s obvious that it’s much easier to upload a few photos and earn from them than write an article,so the main advantage of Redgage for me.

       So this is my RG experience so far;from now on I will pay more attention to it because I have the confirmation that it’s a legit site.After all,in spite of its drawbacks and annoying glitches,Redgage represents an unique site and an earning opportunity which can be very rewarding for those who dedicate a lot of time to it.


    Luckily it is possible to withdraw money from your virtual card to your bank account;after receiving that piece of information from fellow Redgage(and EC at the same time)users I asked for the money to be transferred and I got the money in my bank account in 2 days;there was a fee of $2.99 for the transaction,which is the minimum amount(I understand that it's bigger in other countries like India,but fortunately it's low for Romania).Of course,this achievement motivates to be more active on Redgage and makes me certain of one thing:In spite of its glitches,Redgage truly rocks!

Article Written By Sebastian Onciu

Romanian by birth and global citizen at heart, with a great thirst of knowledge and a desire to communicate with people from all corners of the world.

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  • Sebastian Onciu  28-07-2017
    Yes, RG is still working and I can log in without any problem here in Romania.
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  • abhi_bangal  28-07-2017
    I know it's a bit in asking you as the update that I saw is more than a year old now. But is RG still working? I too was there. But in the later part, I couldn't log in to RG. Stopped the services in India?
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