The African Lion Trade,another Proof Of Human Recklessness

         Africa,a continent full of magic and mystery at leat in the eyes of Europeans,represents a place I definitely must see at least once in my life,and I’m sure there are many other people who share my desire and are eager to see this great continent with their own eyes and wonder at its spectacular landscapes and especially incredibly rich wildlife.

        One of the most diverse countries from the point of view of its natural richness from the black continent is undoubtedly South Africa,home of the “big five”:lion,buffalo,elephant,leopard and rhino.Who wouldn’t like to

go on a safari in South Africa and see these superb creatures running and moving free in their natural environment?Unfortunately,with some of these species being massively exterminated by the reckless humans who simply don’t care about other species in their search for money at any cost,such amazing trips which some lucky people can enjoy nowadays might become a thing of the past if people don’t stop killing those animals.

      One of the most disturbing and shocking examples of cruelty towards these great animals is represented by the lion bone trade which gained massive proportions in South Africa,and that’s exactly for this reason that Avaaz decided to act and initiate another petition to try to diminish the destruction of this majestic animal before it’s too late.The most shocking thing I discovered while reading about this campaign on this site is represented by the main reason for which hundreds of lions are being slaughtered nowadays:Avaaz claims that lions are farmed under appalling conditions,then shot through fences by rich people who need to satisfy their need for killing at any cost,and even more shocking for me is the fact that their bones

are sold to so—called ‘medicine makers,’who use them to make and sell ‘medicines’ in Asia that are believed to help men have a better sexual life.

       Unfortunately,it looks like those men who would do anything to be more potent really believe that those potions made from lion bones will have beneficial effects,and they obviously don’t care about the fate of the great South African lions.Anyway,if drastic measures aren’t taken as soon as possible to try to diminish the trade of lion bones and organs,even the king of animals might be in danger of extinction.That’s why I decided once again to show my solidarity with Avaaz and sign their petition addressed to South African president Zuma which urges to ban this senseless trade and show that South Africa is really concerned in preserving its most precious treasure,more precious than diamonds in my opinion:its extremely diverse wildlife.As long as there are people who still have a conscience and care about the environment,I think the efforts made by organizations like Avaaz aren’t useless and they can help us live in a slightly better world.

Article Written By Sebastian Onciu

Romanian by birth and global citizen at heart, with a great thirst of knowledge and a desire to communicate with people from all corners of the world.

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