A Test Of Will:one Month Without Beer

        There comes a moment in everyone’s life when drastic measures need to be taken in order to make things right and to take care of our health;sometimes such decisions involve giving up things we enjoy a lot and that’s why in some cases people don’t manage to carry on their resolutions to the end and go back to their habits,which of course makes any treatment or attempt to improve one’s health useless.


        Among the things we simply can’t afford to ignore when it comes to our health are a high level of cholesterol and especially triglycerides;knowing that you have

this extremely serious condition is enough to scare anyone,at those who care about their lives,because the risks of having a heart attack or a cerebral accident are considerably increased in such unwanted cases.Luckily,the high level of triglycerides can be diminished by taking a few vital steps,ad that includes of course changing your eating habits and avoid alcohol consumption.

         I have to admit that after doing some analysis and discovering that the level of triglycerides in my body was alarming,I was a little scared,so I decided not to take things easily and follow the doctor’s recommendations;while giving up red meat and consuming healthier food was not a big problem for me,I have to say that the thought of not having a beer during the whole treatment sounded like a punishment to me,because one of the best ways for me to relax during weekends and get rid of the stress accumulated throughout the week was to enjoy a few cold and delicious bottles of beer on Friday and Saturday evenings.However,after reading and hearing from other people’s experience about how much damage beer can do to the liver I said to myself:there is no other way,I have to give it up completely for a while and consume it rarely even after the end the treatment.
      Another thought which motivated me to follow the right path in the fight

against the merciless triglycerides was the fact that I had managed to give up smoking with any sort o help(like e-cigarette,nicotine patch or whatever else there might be) two and a half years ago.If I had done that,it was obvious that giving up beer completely for a period would be a piece of cake;that thought definitely helped me and gave me the will to avoid beer,as well as any other alcoholic drink,for three weeks until now and now I have no doubt that I will finish the challenge successfully.

     Living for a month without beer is not an easy things when you get used to consume this so beloved drink and see ads for beer everywhere you look;if you go out one evening and you see them consuming drink,while you have to drink plain water is not very pleasant,so I prefer to avoid that temptation by not going out at all on weekend evenings,but when you think about the benefits of that type of abstinence have for your health,you will definitely find the motivation to do it till the end.However,if there’s one thing I couldn’t give up,that would be coffee;as for the rest,when it comes to our health,some sacrifices,temporary or even permanent,must be done.No matter how hard it may seem,with a little will anyone can do it.After all,when there is no health nothing else matters.

Article Written By Sebastian Onciu

Romanian by birth and global citizen at heart, with a great thirst of knowledge and a desire to communicate with people from all corners of the world.

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