Ways To Avoid Starting Smoking Again

Itís a great achievement for every person to quit smoking,but not all of us have the will to carry on and never do it again.I havenít smoked for almost a year and Iím very confident that I wonít ever light a cigarette again,but I met people who claim that once a smoker,always a smoker.I met a person who started smoking again after a two years break,and who pretends that you could not get rid of this bad habit forever,all it takes is just one moment of weakness to start again.However,I strongly disagree with that point
of view and I believe there are much more people who succeeded in quitting smoking and will never smoke again if they have enough will. Itís certain that after we quit smoking we feel a certain discomfort,but that mustnít be interpreted as a sign that we canít abandon our vice.Psychologists claim that when we feel the need to light a cigarette we must find behaviors that will reduce our urge to smoke,and there are several methods which can be applied to prevent us from starting smoking again.They say that itís important from the very beginning to understand that quitting is a difficult experience,for some smokers even very difficult.The fact that they continue to feel the need to smoke is normal and it shouldnít frighten them,they shouldnít perceive it as an indicator that they wonít be able to stop for good.Understanding that the physical and psychological discomfort we feel in this situation is normal and we must assume it and not be scared of it, is a very important step forward. It is a proven fact that smoking causes physical and psychic addiction,and the lack of it creates chaos in our brain and it completely messes with our well established habits,which obviously included cigarettes smoked at certain hours,for example.Thatís why there are anti smoking programs which offer not only pills and nicotine patches,but also counseling to those who want to quit smoking,which allow counselors to identify the problems which may occur
in the process of quitting and try to solve them. Psychologists also make the difference between the need to smoke and the appetite for smoking,the former being a constant presence for a smoker because the body constantly asks for its habitual dose of nicotine,which makes the unpleasant sensations appear every two or three hours.Whenever the need occurs,the person has to know that it lasts for about 5-10 minutes;in this critical interval we should be occupied with other activities,such as drinking a cup of tea.Once the need passes and the person sees that itís possible to defeat that need to smoke,the confidence will grow and it will gradually become easier to fight the addiction. Unlike the need,the appetite for smoking only appears in some contexts,usually when we have a cup of coffee or go out for a couple of beers.Some people try to avoid these situations once they decided to quit ,but thatís not the best idea because giving up on other pleasant moments of live is perceived by the brain as an extra punishment,and itís better for our mind to get accustomed to the thought that it is possible to enjoy a cup of coffee or a beer without smoking.Thatís exactly what I did,and now I can consume a cup of coffee and appreciate its taste better than before. Quitting this nasty habit is definitely not easy,and people who were wise enough not to try a cigarette in their entire lives might not understand how difficult it is to do it and how easy it is to start again,but it can be done if those who want to quit for good understand the problems they have to deal with and ask for assistance.All those who manage to do it are true winners and their stories can serve as examples for others who care about their health and want to live longer.

Article Written By Sebastian Onciu

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