Top 5 Defunct Romanian Soccer Clubs -part 1

Romanian soccer,with its long and spectacular history,includes among other interesting aspects a significant number of clubs which marked its history,but which unfortunately are no longer alive.There are huge names which disappeared a long time ago,when the communist regime took over the country, but this list focuses on some of the most important names which disappeared off the map of Romanian soccer only a few years ago. 5.FORESTA F?LTICENI/SUCEAVA Foresta managed to capture the attention of soccer fans for the first time in 1967,when it reached the Romanian Cup
final as a team from an inferior league,a great achievement for such a small club.It was thrashed in the final by Romanian giants Steaua Bucharest(6-0),and it fans would have to wait for 30 years to see their team in the spotlight again.1997 was the year of grace in which Foresta gained promotion in the first division for the very first time in its history.Unfortunately for the inhabitants of Falticeni,the team was moved to the county capital,Suceava,because it was a bigger city.Foresta spend a total of three seasons in the Romanian top flight,being relegated for the first time in 1999,but it quickly managed to win its series in the second division and get back in the elite in 2000.However,in spite of its entertaining style of play which led to one of the most shocking comebacks in the history of Romanian league,a 5-4 win against Dinamo Bucharest after trailing 4-0(a match which still causes nightmares to Dinamoís fans) the minnows from Suceava would get relegated again and soon after the team lost its financial support and was disbanded. 4.FC ONE?TI The inclusion of FC One?ti in this nostalgic chart is quite subjective for the very simple reason that
this team came from my home town,and Iím afraid I wonít get the chance to see that phenomenon repeated very soon.FC One?ti was born in the middle of the nineties after several local clubs merged and quickly became a candidate for promotion in the first division.The efforts of the volcanic club president Nicolae Puiu,who died in 2011 at the age of 64,were eventually rewarded in 1998,when after a dramatic play-off against Electroputere Craiova(2-1 after extra time),FC One?ti fulfilled the dream of the inhabitants of my small(about 50,000 inhabitants at that time),but beautiful hometown and reached the Romanian first division.That Saturday in which the team won the play-off played at a neutral ground and returned home to be acclaimed by thousands of ecstatic fans was undoubtedly one of the most beautiful days my hometown has ever seen. During the next season,the team from One?ti had an honourable evolution in Divizia A(the name of the Romanian first division at that time)and finished 14th out 18 teams with 39 points from 34 matches.Unfortunately,as the funds diminished considerably,the team could no longer avoid relegation in 2000,and as the economic situation in the town continued to deteriorate,so did the situation of FC One?ti,so the inevitable demise came in the winter of 2004 when the players were announced that they were free to look for other teams.It was a sad event and football has never fully recovered from that day in my hometown;there is a football team in the regional divisions which tries to continue the tradition,but itís very difficult to believe that the glory of the past will be achieved again very soon. TO BE CONTINUED

Article Written By Sebastian Onciu

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