Save The Arctic-a Vital Campaign

     It is a well-known fact that our planet's  health is constantly deteriorating and its future is threatened first of all by the reckless actions of those who care about nothing but their own profit,without thinking of the consequences of their actions on the environment.The more power these individuals have,the more difficult is to oppose them;however,there are still organizations who try to fight them and raise awareness at a global level of the disastrous effects that the continuous destruction of environment has on our planet.


    One of the most active and probably most powerful organizations which tries to fight for

noble causes,Avaaz,has recently started a new campaign entitled 'Save the Arctic',whose main goal is to protect one of the last untouched areas on Earth from exploitation by a big oil company.Although this company has received a permit to drill for oil in the Arctic,Avaaz claims that their ships do not meet all the requirements needed to protect the environment,and the consequences of allowing them to continue with their drilling plans will be dramatic for the wildlife in that area and also for the climate.Once that company is allowed to drill in thec Arctic,the other giants in the oil industry will follow its path and any effort to preserve the Arctic will become useless.

     It appears,from what I read in the mail I received fro Avaaz,that there is one institution that can stop oil companies from destroying the Arctic,at least for the moment:it's the US Environmental Protection Agency,which can withdraw the permit given to that company for drilling in the Arctic.That's why Avaaz asks its members to send a message to the chief of that institution to ask her to take action and not allow the oil company to start drilling as long as it doesn't respect the

terms of the permit.The stakes are high for everyone;for oil companies starting the expoitation of that still virgin area might mean huge profits,but for the environment the consequences would be terrible.It looks like people from all over the world understood the importance of taking action and getting involved in this crucial mater;at the moment of writing this article, I see that the number of those who decided to write a message to the chief of the US Environmental Protection Agency is getting close to 100,000,which is still an unimpressive number at a global level,but I'm convinced it will grow fast as more and more citizens of the world will try to make their voices heard in this way.

     There is very little one person can do to protect the environment at a global level and to try to prevent others from doing more harm to our planet,but a large number of people who join this noble cause can surely make a difference and change things for the better before it's too late.That's why I  think that'Save the Arctic' is a campaign which deserves to have a huge support from people all over the world,and if that thing happens it will be a proof that people can achieve great things and make those in power take the right decisions as long as they are united for a noble reason.

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Article Written By Sebastian Onciu

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