Romanian Commentator In The Guinness Book Of Records

Ilie Dobre,a well-known sports commentator for Romania’s National State Radio,set the world record for the longest broadcast of a goal. Ilie Dobre represents of the best-known voices of Romanian state Radio. So far he wasn’t famous outside Romania,but things might change after he was certified by the World Records Academy as the owner of the world record for the longest live broadcast of a goal.His shout of ‘Gooooooooooooal!’ during a match between Romanian team Gaz Metan Medias and Kups Kuopio from Finland which took place in July this year in the second preliminary round of UEFA Europa League lasted for

an astonishing 27 seconds,beating by 8 seconds the previous(unofficial) world record established in Argentina! Ilie Dobre started his career as a sports and especially soccer commentator about 30 years ago,when things were going from bad to worse in Communist Romania.The second part of the eighties represented a really dark period for Romanian people,who had very little freedom and access to information.Under these circumstances there were very few entertainments accessible to Romanians and soccer was definitely one of them,but since the only matches shown on television from the Romanian League were the clashes between the two super powers of the time,Steaua and Dinamo,there was no other alternative for soccer fans but to listen to the matches on the radio.It was in this context that Ilie Dobre became known for his unique and enthusiastic style of commenting matches,a style inspired by the passion and flamboyance of South American commentators. I must confess that whenever I was listening to the soccer round on radio I was looking forward to hear Ilie Dobre’s interventions for his unique style of commenting which makes you think that the game is very alert even if in fact it’s dull and players offer a pathetic performance,as it sometimes happened in the Romanian First Division.Anyway,the most delicious part of listening to the matches
on radio was the moment when Ilie Dobre made an intervention to announce that a goal has just been scored or,even better,when he managed to broadcast a live goal.I used to turn up the volume when he started shouting ‘Goooooooooooooal!’ just to make my neighbors happy! Unfortunately,times changed and radio lost more and more ground in favor of television and the internet,so now almost all the matches from the Romanian League are broadcast on television,and I seldom listen to sport broadcasts on the radio.Nevertheless, Ilie Dobre is still there commenting with the same passion.A few months ago,when he was invited in the studio of a Romanian Sports Television,he was asked to comment a goal as if he were on the stadium,but he refused to do it,claiming that he can’t fake the passion and excitement that he only feels when he does his live broadcasts,and I agree with him:one can only feel the joy and express himself sincerely at seeing his favorite team score only live,that joy can’t be lived again when seeing a replay. One of his secrets consists in the fact that he doesn’t smoke,and also he doesn’t drink alcohol and cold water.He has already commented almost 1300 games and he’s still doing what he knows best,delivering his passionate broadcasts to the delight of Romanian soccer fans!


    If you want to hear a sample of Ilie Dobre's unique commenting style,check out the original article I posted on Triond:

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