Repeaters:an Interesting Thriller

‘Repeaters’,a 2010 Canadian thriller directed by Carl Bessai,deals with a fantastic and yet intriguing theme of people caught in a time cycle in which the same day repeats over and over again.The idea is not original, as it was exploited in several other movies such as ‘Groundhog Day’,but it’s developed into a fascinating story that surely manages to keep most of the spectators in suspense. The main characters of the story are three young people,two boys(Kyle and Weeks) and a girl(Sonia),all of them in their twenties,who follow a rehabilitation programme destined
to make them clean of their drug addictions.They all have relatives with whom they need to make peace after less pleasant experiences in the past:Kyle tries to obtain forgiveness from his younger sister who suffered because of his wrong deeds,Sonia goes to visit her dying father who abused her while she was a child and Weeks tries to reconcile with his old man who is in jail because of him.It looks like none of them manages to make any progress in trying to make amends with their relatives,but after a freak storm at night they wake up the next day and realize that the events of the previous day are repeating and in fact they live that day again. After the initial astonishment and shock caused by the realization of the fact that they are prisoners of the same repeating day,the three youngsters try to adapt to this new and bizarre situation and begin to do whatever crosses their mind,including some antisocial deeds,like robbing a store,and the movie becomes more and more alert as they put some of their wildest dreams into practice,knowing that they won’t be punished because all their deeds will be forgotten when they wake up the next morning.Trapped in time and not able to figure out an escape,they live every day to
the maximum,but things begin to get out of control. The moment in which Kyle finds his sister in the house of a drug trafficker finally opens his eyes and makes him and Sonia realize that they have to start doing things right;unfortunately,Weeks doesn’t think the same way,as he only seeks to cause terror and he becomes their enemies and a threat to the entire community.The thrill of the movie lies especially in this terrible battle between two opposing forces,one represented by Weeks,whose appetite for evil goes beyond any barriers,and the other one represented by Kyle and Sonia who try to stop him at any cost and redeem themselves for their past mistakes. The confrontations take place in a really great natural environment,the beauty and the calm of the forest contrasting with the inner tumult of the characters,and unfortunately Weeks disturbs the peacefulness of those wonderful places.Even if the idea on which the movie was based isn’t original and the beginning seems a little boring,the plot becomes more and more interesting as the tension between the characters keeps growing until the dramatic end which I will let you discover if you have the curiosity to watch the movie. ‘Repeaters’ may not be one of the best thrillers of all times,but it has its strong points that will probably convince you to watch it until the end,and at least it will make spectators wonder what it would be like to live the same day again and again.It may bring good things in our lives,or on the contrary make things wrongs,but eventually it would depend on ourselves and the choices we would make. You can read more exciting reviews from my fellow EC writer and friend Abhijit Bangal by opening these links:

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