Planetarium Manager,my Favorite Online Soccer Manager

After trying several online soccer managers I still remained faithful to the first one Iíve ever registered in:Planetarium Manager. One of my favorite ways of relaxing and still is,to a lesser extent,playing on line games,and especially sport-related games.Iíve tried basketball and hockey management games among others,but since time is precious and we must spend more and more time making money,I gave them up and went on only with my favorite game,soccer.After trying several soccer manager games and eliminating them from my preferences for different reasons,only one remained in my list,in
fact the first game I joined more than 4 years ago:Planetarium Manager or Pmanager,as it is also known. The game was started by Planetarium Games,a Portuguese company,in 2002,and it has never reached the success of Hattrick,which was once the most famous soccer manager(I suppose it still us) because it was more complex than other games for tactical reasons,but it gained a solid fan base throughout the years.There was a period of decline because the game was neglected by its developers in a period when they were more interested in enhancing their other game,Planetarium Footstar(a game in which users take the role of a young soccer player who tries to advance in his career).Fortunately,the Portuguese creators went back to Pmanager and came with new features that made the game more interesting and attracted new users,so right now there are more than 43.000 users registered,which I guess is a pretty good number for an on line game As in any other game of its kind,a user has the chance to be the manager of a virtual soccer club and has to take care of financial aspects,training,tactics for every game and so on.Players have two main attributes and two secondary ones for every position,from goalkeepers to attackers,and the higher those skills,the better they are.Of course,those skills can grow by being trained;progression is an essential quality for every player,and the better it is,the faster the player will improve his skills.There are also two physical skills,speed and strength,which can also grow through training,and which start to decrease
after a certain age,usually 30,just like in real life.Another feature I enjoy is the academy system which can be improved by investing until it reaches World Class,and one of the most exciting moments comes at the beginning of a new season when 10 new players can be promoted from the youth academy:if at least one of them has at least excellent potential,the club manager is sure to own a future superstar,which he can sell for a very high price or keep for training.However,a world class academy doesnít guarantee anything,you can extract many players with very bad progression which are completely useless and it can be unpleasant especially if you also invested in a specialty,which is quite expensive. Anyway,there are many interesting features that will certainly make the experience of laying this game a very interesting one,and one of the newest and more attractive is the possibility to be the manager of two clubs.Users can also manage a club from a different country,an interesting feature especially for players from countries with the most number of users,such as Portugal,Spain or Romania,where itís very difficult to reach the first division because there are only 10 available places in the elite leagues.Anyway,top clubs also compete in international competitions,and there are also the World Cup for national teams and another one for Under 21 teams,so the thrill of the competition is there and battles for the national title,promotion or relegation are usually very exciting. There are many other interesting aspects which can be revealed about this game,and Iím sure those who are interested in such type of on line games will give it a try.I did it 4 years ago and I still like this entertaining game.itís interesting to compete against other human managers and,even if I havenít reached the top division in a very competitive Romanian league and Iím in the third division,Iím still there taking care of my club and enjoying Planetarium Manager.

Article Written By Sebastian Onciu

Romanian by birth and global citizen at heart, with a great thirst of knowledge and a desire to communicate with people from all corners of the world.

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