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One year after joining Mylot it still represents my favorite site and the best earner as well.
One year after joining Mylot it still represents my favorite site and the best earner as well. Mylot is a site I discovered in December 2010 while searching for new ways to make money on line.At that time the idea of discussing on the Internet and getting paid to do that was still something new for me,so when I joined it I did it out of pure curiosity,but very soon Mylot became part of my daily life,and it still occupies the leading position among my favorite sites because I still enjoy
posting on it as I did in the beginning.There are several reasons which made me appreciate Mylot so much during this first year in which I was active on it,and I will present them in this article,along with the few negative aspects I encountered on it: 1.Mylot is a 100% legit site which always pays on time;I can certify that because Iíve already been paid four times whenever I reached the $10 minimum payout;my first payment came in April,then I managed to reach the payout every two months,and my fifth payment will arrive around January 15th.Like Triond,Mylot uses only the most reliable payment processor,Paypal,and the total amount of money I earned on Mylot in 2011 is much bigger compared to my Triond earnings. 2.Itís still the only discussion site I use and I think itís simply the best of its kind;it pays between 1 and 3 cents for a post depending on the quality of your posting.Of course,answers made up of a few words canít bring too much to those who post them and there is a system which allows users to rate other peopleís activity on the site,and a higher rating seems to bring a bonus to the user.Such a system can have its disadvantages because there can be users who rate others negatively without any serious reason,and you canít see who rated you,but luckily most of mylotters are honest and friendly people who donít give negative ratings for nothing.Anyway,earning 3 cents per post may not seem too much,but if you do it by discussing on topics you like and you find fascinating,I think itís worth the effort. 3.You can earn both from starting and answering discussions;I generally prefer to respond to other discussions and seldom start a new one,but there are users,including some on my friend list,who start several discussions every day.Theoretically a user can start as many discussions as he wants,but some people abuse of this feature,and I donít think thatís beneficial for their earnings and their rating,because it isnít enough to start a discussion,you must first receive an answer and reply to it for your discussion to be taken into consideration and you must give replies to those who answer;the more responses and comments,the higher the earnings for the discussion starter.Anyway,a user who starts a
discussion and receives about 30 responses and comments to all of them will surely be satisfied with the earnings from that topic,but itís not always easy to find a topic that stimulates many users to respond. 4.Besides posting,you can also earn if you manage to convince other people to be your referrals;25% of the referralís activity for a day is not bad at all,and Iím sure there are people on Mylot whose income is significantly increased because they have several active referrals. 5.Another important income booster is the mylot search engine,which helped me a lot reach the payout faster by using it as a substitute for Google;it brought me rewards,usually between 15 and 20 cents,almost every day for searching the Internet with it.However,users should be careful not to use the search engine only for the purpose of getting a reward;if you abuse it and make too many searches in a short time without clicking on any of the search results,you will receive a message that a suspicious activity has been noticed and you wonít be able to use mylot search for about an hour.However,if you use it normally just like you do with Google there shouldnít be any problem and the rewards will come naturally. 6.Another earning possibility is represented by tasks;you can also be an employer an hire others to do jobs just like on Microworkers.However,I havenít used this feature too much because most of the employers arenít very generous,and doing tasks for 1 or 2 cents doesnít seem very attractive,except for the cases when the requirement is to like a Facebook page or digg something,which imply very little effort.Anyway,there are also tasks which are better paid from time to time,so itís worth checking the tasks section once in a while. 7.Among the disadvantages of Mylot I could mention the fact that sometimes it has glitches and it doesnít work properly,but unlike Triond,problems are usually solved much faster. In conclusion,after my first year spent on Mylot I still think itís by far the best discussion site in the world.The fact that it allows me to discuss on so many topics and at the same time connect with people from remote countries and find out many interesting things about them makes the time spent on Mylot both useful and entertaining,and I hope to post on it for many years to come.Mylot truly rocks! You can join me on Mylot here to discuss,have fun and make money on the best discussion site in the world:

Article Written By Sebastian Onciu

Romanian by birth and global citizen at heart, with a great thirst of knowledge and a desire to communicate with people from all corners of the world.

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