One Year On Expertscolumn

      September 6th is a date which gives me a reason to have a little celebration because it marks the first year I spent on this wonderful site called Expertscolumn,so I thought it was the perfect time to take a look back and review my experience with EC so far.  



       I have to admit that,even after reading positive opinions about EC,I wasn’t convinced that it was worth writing for,so although I signed in for it a year ago,I neglected it for a few months;the only thing I

did during that period was to republish some of my Triond

articles.It was a time when Triond was my first option,and I still believed it was possible to earn more than just a few cents from it,but eventually I realized that I was wasting my time and energy with Triond and decided to focus on Expertscolumn instead.I soon understood that I had taken the right decision.That thought encouraged me to get involved more actively in promoting my columns on social sites,and by joining several Facebook groups dedicated to article writing sites I managed to cooperate efficiently with other people who also realized that the earning potential of EC was much higher compared to that of Triond,Wikinut and other similar sites.

        I got my first confirmation that EC was indeed worth the effort of writing new articles and promoting them daily in the month of February,when I received my first payment through Paypal.That was a turning point for me because I decided to concentrate my writing efforts entirely on EC,and the results were satisfying:even without having hundreds of columns published and writing one or two new articles a week I’ve earned more than $70 so far.Let’s be honest,it will take many years to reach that amount of money in other writing sites I mentioned above,so from this point of view there’s no comparison

between Expertscolumn and them.There were also ups and downs related to my EC experience during this first,and hopefully not last year,on this great site;on the one hand,there were frustrating moments when the site wasn’t functioning for hours,but on the other hand there were happy days when my traffic reached more than 1,000 views,thanks to the promotion and cooperation with other writers.

        The last few weeks here on Expertscolumn haven’t been that great for me.Although I am pleased with the new design of the site,which is much more attractive than the previous one,I don’t have too many other reasons to be optimistic about the future of EC.The number of views I receive is obviously lower in the past few weeks,even if I keep on promoting my articles like I’ve been doing for several months,and I’ve just read some worrying news that the site will be sold.That is definitely a reason of concern for me,but all I can do is hope that if that’s true,the new owner will keep the site working and even improve it.Expertscolumn is already an established brand in my opinion and it has to maintain and consolidate its reputation.It’s a site I truly enjoy and I’m still confident that it will have a long and great life.

Article Written By Sebastian Onciu

Romanian by birth and global citizen at heart, with a great thirst of knowledge and a desire to communicate with people from all corners of the world.

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