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Expertscolumn has recently joined the list of legit sites which paid me,so I decided to share my impressions on this quite new writing site. Expertscolumn is a site I joined in the autumn of 2011 after realizing that those few cents a day I was earning from Triond after several months of activity and about 80 articles written were much less than I had expected from the first writing site I joined.It was obvious that I needed a good alternative,one that would allow me to republish my Triond articles
and earn something from them,so after reading several positive opinions about Expertscolumn,I made up my mind and joined it. I have to admit that in the beginning I wasnít impressed with EC,first of all because of its design which is obviously inferior to that of Triond;the same thing can be said about the statistics,which arenít as detailed as those in Triond.The fact that Expertscolumn gives the writer only the option of writing an article without offering the possibility of accompanying that article with images or videos represents an obvious handicap,especially when you want to publish articles related to certain aspects such as travel or music,in which the images and sounds definitely make that article much more interesting.This is the reason I decided not to publish some of my favorite Triond articles on EC and I didnít pay too much attention to EC in the first months,but after seeing that my Triond earnings kept on diminishing instead of growing and reading more accounts of satisfied users who got paid by EC,I changed my mind and published more articles on Expertscolumn.I soon realized that,in spite of its drawbacks,EC has some strong points,especially concerning the fact
that I was really paid for the number of views I managed to attract for my articles,unlike Triond,whose system of paying remains a big mystery and a huge disappointment for me. Eventually,pay day came when I reached the minimum payment of $5 with 34 articles,and a few days after requesting it I got my first money on paypal.It was the moment in which EC turned from promise to certitude,encouraging me to have a more intensified activity on this site.The fact that more Triond users joined EC as well and the constant growth of likes the site received on Facebook is a clear indication that Expertscolumn is still rising in popularity.This site,which offered me a decent number of views even without too much efforts of promoting my articles,managed to gain my confidence and it also made feel that my writing efforts are not useless,as Triond did.Writing is an exciting and challenging activity,but itís much more pleasant and inspirational when you know that you will get something for your efforts,and Triond administration doesnít seem to be interested at all in this aspect,so itís normal to look for alternatives. As a conclusion to my first months of writing on Expertscolumn,I can say that it represents a good choice for those who are looking for new possibilities of earning on line;it wonít make you rich,but itís certainly a good option for those who like to practice and improve their writing skills and at the same time be paid reasonably for their work. For more opinions about this great writing site called Expertscolumn check out this article written by my friend and fellow EC author Abhijit Bangal:

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