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After a few months of doing online tasks,I came to the conclusion that Microworkers is the only site worth the effort.
After a few months of doing online tasks,I came to the conclusion that Microworkers is the only site worth the effort. One of the ways to make some extra income in this period of world crisis is to do tasks or small online jobs.It certainly wonít make you rich,but there are people who can make good money from it,and itís one of the activities I decided to try to do online instead of wasting time playing games or chatting on Facebook.Anyway,I tried several sites of this type,like short task,myeasytask and microjob.co,but I
abandoned them quickly,first of all because I didnít like their design,and then because almost all the jobs required to sign up on PTC,bux or other Ďmoney making sitesí and the reward was generally too small.I also did some tasks on Mylot,but then I realized that it isnít worth doing a task for only 1 cent,even if it requires only a Ďlikeí on Facebook or to digg a site.Mylot tasks would be much more attractive for users of that wonderful site if they imposed a minimum limit of at least 5 cents to task creators,Iím sure that would attract much more users to Mylot,which is generally a remarkable site anyway.I also did a few tasks on Minuteworkers,which I thought to be a good alternative to Microworkers,but I am disappointed by it too:most of the tasks require either to sign up to different sites,or to download files,in order to do that you have to do some annoying surveys,so I preferred not to do that.Minuteworkers has another disadvantage:many jobs are for users
from USA,so international workers donít have too many alternatives. Eventually,after so many disappointing experiences,there is an exception called Microworkers.I had my doubts about it until I reached the minimum amount necessary to require my first cash-out,and one week after I asked for my first payment I received the PIN through mail,and two days later I got my first payment,so Microworkers is the only task doing site I like,even if earning there is not easy either.It is true that there is a variety of tasks,including Facebook likes,Youtube comments and subscriptions,voting or bookmarking on sites like Twitter,Digg or Stumbleupon,which are relatively easy,but there arenít too many of them,and to earn well and fast you need to have a quality blog,there are plenty of tasks for bloggers,and Iím sure there are many people who earn really well from writing articles and putting links to their blog.However,Microworkers became a little more attractive recently after introducing more detailed statistics and a Ďhire meí feature,which allows task employers to hire individual workers based on their performances so far. This is my experience so far with this kind of sites;Microworkers is the only one I visit regularly,and I hope there are other task doing sites which can represent a good source of income for people not only from the US,but from any part of the world.

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