Metal Evolution Episode 6:thrash Metal(part 2)

The latter part of the eighties was the most successful one for thrash bands,and it was also a period where the best albums of the genre were created,and the album presented in the episode as the most representative for thrash and the same time which is considered by many people the best in the entire heavy metal history is ‘Reign In Blood’ by Slayer,a short,but extremely intense masterpiece,which almost doesn’t give the listener time to relax in 30 minutes of the fastest and uncompromising records ever created.It was the moment when thrash metal reached its peak,but things
were about to chance in the nineties with the rise of grunge and Metallica’s black album,which introduced a new,less heavy sound,more accessible to ordinary people,which was a huge commercial success for Metallica.It’s an album that still creates controversy more than 20 years after its launch,and we can see that in the different reaction of the musicians in the show;some of them,like Alex Skolnick consider it brilliant,Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo admits that he threw it away.Metallica’s change of sound was a big disappointment for die hard thrash fans,who no longer identified themselves with the band,but at the same it made other thrash bands made their sound softer and even include ballads in their albums in an attempt to gain commercial success.However,there were also exceptions,like Slayer,a band who remained faithful to its roots and made no compromise in its music,defending the cause
of fast,loud,aggressive and technical music in those dark times for thrash. Sam Dunn also flies to Gothenburg to discuss with musicians from At the Gates and In Flames,two of the bands which regenerated thrash in the nineties,by combining several elements,including the technicality and speed of thrash,the guttural voices of death metal and also the melody characteristic of Swedish pop.These bands created the melodic metal death,a style that would be extremely important for the revival of thrash.Another big contribution to the evolution of thrash is considered to be that of a new wave of American bands,and especially Lamb of God,and I have to say that there are many new thrash bands that emerged in the past years and which help this fascinating genre stay alive and even prosper. The sixth episode of ‘Metal Evolution’ makes us realize that,while other types of rock and metal who were extremely popular are now almost extinct,thrash metal,like traditional heavy metal,managed to survive and it will probably remain alive as long as there are people willing to express their feelings of anger and disapproval towards those aspects of society which seem unfair to them.Thrash is definitely here to stay as long as there is rock music on Earth.

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