Metal Evolution Episode 6:thrash Metal(part 1)

The sixth episode of ĎMetal Evolutioní analyses the birth,growth and present status of one of the heaviest and the same time lasting type of music:thrash metal.Famous Canadian anthropologist and heavy metal enthusiast Sam Dunn takes us on a journey to the American cities where thrash metal started and flourished:San Francisco,Los Angeles and New York.He also travels to Sweden,to explore the Gothenburg bands which played a huge role in the revival of thrash in the late nineties. The exploration of the thrash metal culture is made by Sam Dunn through interviews and discussions
with most of the bands who started the movement in the eighties.Therefore we have the chance to hear the story of thrash told by some of the best and most famous musicians in rock and metal,including members of Metallica,Megadeth,Slayer,Anthrax,Testament,Exodus or Death Angel,bands whose influence on the younger generations of metal musicians is huge.The first aspect analyzed is the origin of thrash;we discover that two types of music were essential for the creation of the new sound which appeared in the US in the first half of the eighties:on the one hand itís punk,from which thrash took mostly the attitude and sense of rebellion against a conservative society,and on the other hand itís the New Wave of British Heavy Metal,whose more aggressive and technical sound inspired the bands who originated the new style
to create music that was even louder and faster,but which at the same required a great deal of skill and dexterity from the musicians,an aspect which definitely didnít characterize punk. The Bay Area of San Francisco is presented as the place where the genre originated and spread across America and the world;in a period where there was no Internet and that kind of music wasnít promoted on radio and TV,bands made their creations known to fans through magazines,demo tapes and even by word,and even so they managed to build an audience and a solid fan base.Undoubtedly,the band which played the most important part in the growth of popularity of thrash was Metallica,and drummer Lars Ulrich states that the band felt lonely in Los Angeles,the place where it was born,because the LA scene was dominated by glam metal,a style seen as superficial by thrashers who were totally against it.For this reason,Metallica eventually moved to San Francisco and contributed to the rise of the Bay Area scene.Eventually,the new phenomenon called thrash couldnít remain unnoticed by major labels who saw the potential that bands like Metallica or Anthrax had and signed them,exposing this new and exciting genre to a much wider audience.

Article Written By Sebastian Onciu

Romanian by birth and global citizen at heart, with a great thirst of knowledge and a desire to communicate with people from all corners of the world.

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