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‘Eagle Fry Free’ represents,together with ‘I Want Out’ and ‘Dr.Stein’,one of the memorable songs from ‘Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 2?,the third studio album released by German power metal band Helloween in 1988.It’s a song based on the contrast between two main characters:one of them is a mighty eagle flying free,while the other one is in fact a collective character,mankind. The first stanza of the song refers to people in general and their daily turmoil which causes a lot of confusion in the world as it’s in human nature to question everything
and sometimes have strong disagreements on all sorts of issues,and those arguments can eventually lead to useless and devastating conflicts:’Everyday they draw conclusions/and they’re still prepared for war.’Those never-ending debates and arguments,caused first of all by politicians who always attack each other in their perpetual quest for power create a state of confusion and uncertainty in the minds of ordinary people. In contrast with the petty nature of humans,the mighty eagle flies undisturbed high above the Earth:’on its wings the rainbow light/flying to eternity.’The chorus reveals the admiration of the author for this majestic bird which flies endlessly free from the tumult of mankind,but at the same time there is a hope that even man can go beyond its apparently limited condition and learn how to fly and reach new heights:’together we’ll fly one day.’ The criticism of
humans and their evil nature is more evident in the second stanza,where some cruel realities, which are still present more than 20 years after the song was created,are exposed.The fact that governments spend huge amounts of money on weapons with devastating effects while ‘the poor don’t see a dime’ creates an image of total injustice and the disaster is increased by the fact that ‘the air’s polluted’ and there are still ‘ancient people persecuted.’Therefore,the so-called progress of mankind is seen as a lie,because the truth is that more and more innocent people and also nature suffer from the reckless actions ,not only of people who have the power,but of all those who make things worse for our beautiful planet:’That’s what mankind contributed/To create a better time.’ And yet,as the chorus says again,nothing is lost and there’s always hope for better times,as those who watch the beautiful eagle flying above our planet so affected by disasters,both natural and caused by people,should ‘follow the sign’ and never stop believing in their dreams.In spite of the somber image of the Earth presented in the lyrics,the chorus represents a strong dose of optimism and the belief that one day we’ll be able to get rid of all those evil things that keep us locked to the ground can only make us dream that one day we’ll free ourselves and fly just like the great eagle!

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