Great Rock Lyrics:black Sabbath-war Pigs

There are many great heavy metal songs dealing with war;one of the best is definitely “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath. Among the hard rock and metal songs which deal with war and its consequences in a very critical manner,’War Pigs’ occupies a special place,because it combines heavy riffs and great solos with very powerful and meaningful lyrics.The song appears on a famous ‘Paranoid’ album in 1970,and some believed it was about the Vietnam war,which was still taking place at that moment,but in fact,as Ozzy Osbourne stated,’it’s just an anti-war
song.’ The first part of the song,following the intro which creates an alarming atmosphere,portrays a dramatic image of war,starting with the evil minds of those who plan the wars,which are called ’sorcerers of death’s construction’,followed by a very suggestive and unpleasant imagery of a battlefield where bodies are burning,thus creating in a few words an apocalyptic view which can well be described as ‘hell on earth,’ where death is everywhere.The lyric ‘poisoning their brainwashed minds’ says it all about those evil rulers who exerted such a huge influence on their subjects that turned them into robots,ready to kill and die for the cause expressed by their rulers without ever wondering if it’s right. The next lyrics represent a very strong and direct attack on politicians,those who are considered responsible for all the
destruction and genocide created by wars:’Why should they go out to fight?/They leave that role to the poor.’Unfortunately,there’s so much truth in these lyrics and yet,40 years after they were written,nothing has changed in many parts of the world;in many cases politicians and their crazy ambitions send thousands of innocent people,who are associated to pawns in chess in the song, to their deaths. The latter part of the song changes the approach,suggesting that eventually those cruel bastards who start wars ‘just for fun’ in some cases,get what they deserve when Judgement Day comes.It is finally their turn to suffer and to crawl and beg for mercy on their knees,but it’s too late,nothing can save their souls from eternal darkness.Thus divine justice is done and they are sent down under,to the place where they will never find their rest. ‘War Pigs’ is considered by many to be one of the greatest heavy metal songs of all time,and it definitely deserves its position,at least judging by its straight and critical lyrics.It is a timeless anti-war songs which expresses anger and revolt against those who have the power and use it cause so much suffering and havoc,but it’s also a warning for them that they can’t get away unpunished and when it’s time to pay,their torments will be eternal!

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