I had never imagined the time would come to leave for good my second favorite site after Expertscolumn,namely Mylot,but sadly I had to take this decision after the sudden
and shocking announcement made by Mylot admin about the radical change of policy of the site,which eliminated the most attractive element of the site:earnings.

      Two and a half years ago when I joined Mylot I found it very exciting;the fact that it allowed me to participate in discussions with people from all over the world on almost every topic that went through my mind and be paid for

my posts made it extremely attractive and,until I started writing articles,Mylot was my main source of online income.It’s true that it didn’t pay very well(maximum 3 cents for a good quality posts),but it provided a few additional earning opportunities,the most important one being the search engine,whose constant use,along with the posts I made allowed me to reach the minimum of $10 necessary for cash out every two months for the past couple of years.It was a quite pleasant experience and I was sure that I would be active on Mylot for many years to come.


     Then,all of a sudden,things took a dramatic turn when Mylot admin announced that the new version of Mylot would exclude online earning,because it is a community based exclusively on friendship and conversations and it’s only destined for users who are interested in these values and for whom the financial aspect is not relevant.The news came as a total shock for me and obviously I wasn’t the only  user who was bewildered after reading about the massive transformation Mylot will soon undergo,a process which in my opinion represents Mylot’s demise.Let’s be honest:how many of Mylot users were there only for friendship and discussions?How many Mylotters could say that they didn’t care at all about the bucks they were earnings and they were spending long hours on the site just for the sake of conversations?Obviously,apart from a few wealthy people who might be there just for fun,the number of those who are extremely disappointed with Mylot’s sudden

shift is very big,and they will all leave the site because I honestly see any motivation for them and me to continue.

     Mylot certainly represented an entertaining and rewarding experience for me,but from   this moment on it’s history;I am convinced that the site’s future is bleak,and honestly,if I had been the admin or the mastermind of the site,I would have rather closed it down than turn it into just another social network.Mylot was unique for the fact it paid its users and it always did that on time;the fact that a user had no doubt that he would get paid for sure if he reached $10 by the end of the month was a great incentive for many people who preferred to express their opinions or talk about their lives knowing that in addition to the interesting replies from others they would receive a financial reward for their efforts.I used to be a little surprised by the fact that Mylot had only a little more than 219,000 registered members,most of them inactive,because I felt that it had a much bigger potential.Now it’s all over;in a few months they will probably have 219 members,and that means only one thing:Mylot will die.

     So now that this beautiful adventure is over for me,I will say farewell to Mylot and thank you for the pleasant moments you offered me!Who knows,maybe someone is now planning to start another discussion site like that;it would certainly be a welcome initiative.

Article Written By Sebastian Onciu

Romanian by birth and global citizen at heart, with a great thirst of knowledge and a desire to communicate with people from all corners of the world.

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