Expertscolumn Still Rules My Online World

     A few weeks after restarting my activity on Expertscolumn I am glad to say that my confidence in this great site was restored and the unpleasant experience I had when EC  crashed is just a distant memory.


    About a month ago,when I published my first new article after restoring the 25 columns which had disappeared during the EC crash(luckily I had copies of all of them),I also expressed my confidence in the fact that it was a new beginning in my EC adventure and better times were about o come for those who enjoy publishing here.During the next few

weeks I divided my time between EC and another writing site,Bubblews,attracted by the mirage which made many users migrate towards that new alternative which promised faster earnings with less effort.It is understandable why the time allocated by me to EC was diminished and I wrote only occasionally here.Bubblews was the powerful newcomer which threatened the supremacy of the leader,an extremely competitive underdog which allowed me to earn $50 in a month,an achievement which is still an illusion for me on EC.

    However,that mirage called Bubblews started to lose its attraction and excitement for me because at the moment of writing this article I’ve been waiting for my third payout from them for 10 days and somehow I have the feeling that I won’t see it very soon.This unpleasant,but in a way not surprising turn of events(Bubblews appeared almost too good to be true and now I have reason to doubt it will have a great future,although I still can’t call it a scam),combined with other disappointments like Redgage(I’ve been waiting for their card for almost two months and there’s no sign of it) and Publish.US(a site which brings very little traffic and it’s almost as useless as Triond in my opinion),made me to go back to my faithful and reliable friends,Mylot and

EXprtscolumn,the ones that haven’t let me down yet.

    The traffic for my EC columns may not be great at the moment(usually between 300 and 500 views a day with constant promotion on Twitter and Facebook) and the financial rewards,of about 11-12 $ a month, certainly don’t match those I managed to achieve on Bubblews in a short period of time,but unlike the site I mentioned before,EC keeps on paying and makes me feel that efforts aren’t in vain,so it’s normal for me to focus on it and ignore the other sites I mentioned before.Why should I keep on posting on Bubblews in the hope that I will receive my 4tyh redemption when my third payout fails to appear/Or why should keep on posting links or photos on Redgage when I haven’t received that card for two months?Obvioulsly,I have no motivation to keep on working for these sites,so I will put them on hold for the moment.
    In exchange my motivation to write for EC hasn’t disappeared;on the contrary I’m trying to set new targets in my mind(such as reaching 200,000 views for my articles in a couple of months)and I hope those goals will motivate and inspire me to write more and,why not,earn better with EC.I have no doubt in my mind:unlike other sites,Expertscolumn is here to stay and pay!


Article Written By Sebastian Onciu

Romanian by birth and global citizen at heart, with a great thirst of knowledge and a desire to communicate with people from all corners of the world.

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