The Enemies Inside & A Warrior Oath

THE ENEMIES INSIDE We all have enemies inside Which fill our souls with endless pride And sometimes make us be so blind That even if thereís light to find And all we need is just a spark We canít find ways out
of the dark That keeps us lost,with no direction No help

around and no protection. Those inner demons in our brain Can easily drive us insane If they catch us in their evil spell And turn our lives into black hell. However,we must try to fight And to defeat the endless night To bring the sorrow to an end To search and find help in a friend And get rid of the evil ghouls That poison our hearts and souls! A WARRIOR OATH Sometimes when I feel lonely and sad And dark thoughts come into my head I take a look at the blue sky And tell myself thatís not a lie That life is still great after all Today I stumble,maybe even fall Tomorrow I will rise with pride And start another glory ride. No matter what,Iíll face my fears And drown them in a lake of tears Then I will fight till my last breath I will not rest till I find death And when they take me to the grave They will say:íOh,he was so brave He was like no one else,you know His shining star will always glow!í

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