The Clock Tower

A poem inspired by a symbol of the medieval town of Sighisoara in Transylvania. Standing proud above the town Impressive in its majestic power Itís the jewel of the crown The cityís mighty clock tower. *** It was built long time ago As the citadelís main gate
And it ruled the town below
Witnessing its changing fate. *** Even in times of distress Of hard battles,plague and fire The great tower,symbol of progress Stood up for everyone to admire. *** Youíll see it wherever you walk And be astonished by its beauty Cause the tower and its metal clock Will always be there on duty! THE MIGHTY RIDER A poem inspired by the statue of Hans Waldmann,who was the mayor of Zurich and Swiss military leader centuries ago. Deep into the heart of town Guarding the bridge and the river Watching the passers-by down He still appears full of vigor. *** A fearless leader in the past Bold and proud and quick-witted Killed his enemies so fast That he seemed undefeated. *** But in his hunger for power He did things really sordid Till he was locked in a tower Judged hastily and beheaded. *** But he and his horse are still there Always eager to start an attack And all their foes feel the scare As the rider seems to be back!

Article Written By Sebastian Onciu

Romanian by birth and global citizen at heart, with a great thirst of knowledge and a desire to communicate with people from all corners of the world.

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