Che Guevara:hero Or Villain?(part 1)

      My impressions after watching several documentaries about one of the most famous and charismatic personalities of the 20th century,a person loved by many,but also hated by others.


      Ernesto ‘Che Guevara’,the Argentinian doctor turned into a Marxist revolutionary during his life time and symbol of protest movements after his death,is undoubtedly a complex and controversial personality whose short,but intense existence has fascinated many people who tried to go beyond the facts and understand the complexity of this iconic figure of the previous century.After watching several documentaries who tried to reveal the real Che,I realized that he was truly a

unique personality and a man whose fame will undoubtedly stand the test of time and survive throughout the centuries as a symbol and a source of inspiration for all those who will try to change the world,for better or for worse.

      So,was Che a hero or a villain?From what I read and and heard about him,it’s obvious that he was a very complex person,with high ideals and dreams of justice and equity among the people of Latin America and the entire world,but he could also be a cold-blooded and ruthless murderer.The fact that Ernesto Guevara was born in a rich family from Rosario didn’t prevent him from realizing that the world around him was full of injustice and exploitation.The journey he made on motorbikes along with a good friend at the beginning of the fifties allowed him to see what real life was like in many South and Central American countries;it was undoubtedly an amazing experience which had a decisive influence on Che’s choices in life.Even if after returning from that long motorbike journey Che took his medical degree,I think that he had already made up his mind about his path in life and his destiny.From that moment on,he knew that there was no turning back for him:he would either succeed in his plan of making

revolutions throughout the entire Latin America or die trying.

     That resolution and determination showed by a man who preferred to get out of his comfort zone and literally fight to accomplish the ideals in which he believed is  truly a feature of great man;very few people would have Che’s courage and devotion to the cause of revolution;most of us usually dream about changing the world,especially at a certain age when we have the impression that we can move mountains,but after a while we give in to the hardships of daily existence and simply abandon all those dreams and ideals.Che was not like that;he was willing to risk everything,and he eventually did that by joining Fidel Castro and starting a guerrilla war in Cuba.It was a thing that only an extraordinary man could do,a person who put his ideals of a new society above his own interest,and Ernesto Guevara was from this point a true hero,that’s my opinion.However,the dark sides of his personality would also come to the surface during his revolutionary years in Cuba.

                                           TO BE CONTINUED

Article Written By Sebastian Onciu

Romanian by birth and global citizen at heart, with a great thirst of knowledge and a desire to communicate with people from all corners of the world.

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