Bubblews-a Newcomer On My Earning List

           January 2013 was the month in which I decided to join a new site called Bubblews in the attempt to diversify my online sources of income,and after approximately a month and a half of presence on this new earning opportunity things are looking quite promising.These are my initial impressions about my Bubblews experience so far.


         When I first joined Bubblews at the recommendation of an online friend I was a little reluctant because after reading its terms and trying to understand how it works I had the impression that it was a little too easy to make money with

:it’s quite easy to make a post of at least 400 characters(not words,luckily),then promote it and earn from its unique views,likes(and even dislikes!)and comments.The $25 necessary for redemption can be reached quite fast if you promote your articles
and connect with other people on the site.However,since it all seemed too beautiful to be true I decided to wait until I had a confirmation that someone got paid by Bubblews.That moment,which eventually came,gave me a little more confidence,but at the same time I read that there were many people who complained that they had asked for their payout quite a while ago and hadn’t received their payment yet,and that’s made me take things quite easy and post only once in a while there.Nobody likes because nobody wants to work for nothing and I still had the fear that I could be wasting my time there.
         Eventually,the thing which made me become more active in Bubblews was the Expertscolumn crash;in those troubled times I said to myself that I shouldn’t let the disappointment caused by the EC disaster make me lose my confidence in online earning,so I said to myself:”Why not give Bubblews a chance?Let’s see what happens.’’With that positive thought on my mind I started posting one article a day on that site(you can post up to 10 daily,but I have also other things to do with my life),connected with more people and liked the posts I found more interesting and also started commenting on their articles;of course,I tried to make relevant comments,not just say “nice post’’ or “nice share”,to show those users that I had read their posts,which is not such a difficult and time consuming task,considering the fact that many posts are relatively short;as long as they contain at least 400 characters and,of course,they are original,they
will be published by Bubblews,so it’s easy to express a few thoughts or say something about an experience you went through during the day.
      That strategy worked because I also received my fair share of views,likes and comments and eventually I reached the $25 necessary for redemption on a Sunday morning.I had 16 articles posted at that moment,and I thought it was quite easy to reach the threshold,but the moment of truth was about to come.Hoping that I hadn’t broken any of the site rules I asked for my first payout;I expected the process to last for a few days,so I had nothing to do but wait.And guess what?To my great
astonishment,I received my first Bubblews payment in my Paypal account in the evening of the same cold winter Sunday!

     The fact that I got paid so fast,much faster than I had anticipated gave me a huge morale boost and at the same time confirmed the legitimacy of Bubblews for me.Of course,this is just the beginning and who knows how the site will evolve,but at the moment I have all the reasons to believe in this site and its great earning potential.They seem to be honest and paying as long as you don’t break their rules,so if you’re searching for new and faster ways of earning online and be part of a new and exciting community,try Bubblews,an interesting and apparently rewarding alternative.I have been paid by it once and I’m making my way with full speed towards my second redemption,so happy bubbling to all those who are members of Bubblews and let’s hope it will have a bright future!


Article Written By Sebastian Onciu

Romanian by birth and global citizen at heart, with a great thirst of knowledge and a desire to communicate with people from all corners of the world.

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  • UmiNoor  24-04-2014
    I received instant payment for my first redemption and I received it in less than 24 hours. I submitted my request on Saturday night and the next morning, I saw the money in my Paypal account. I was really elated because another close friend of mine wasn’t successful with her redemption. But at a later stage, she too is receiving her payments regularly.
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