Back In Business-my First Article After The Expertscolumn Crash

        Three weeks after the devastating crash which took the Expertscolumn community by storm and shocked many users who saw part of their work gone,I decided that it was time to resume my activity on my still favorite site,hoping that those terrible moments will become a distant memory and the sun will shine again on the EC street.



       At the moment of the crash I had 115 articles and a lot of confidence in Expertscolumn;it seemed to me that,even after the double earning bonus had expired,the earnings were quite satisfactory and I was making plans to diversify my activity and

write more articles about topics I hadn’t dealt with yet,but that time of confidence came to an abrupt end when the EC apocalypse stroke;in the beginning,it was hard for me to deal with the harsh reality of seeing 25 of my articles,those published after October 28th,missing;the thought that such a thing could happen hadn’t even crossed my mind.Luckily I realized that I had copies of all those articles and I decided to wait for a while and see what happens,and after convincing myself that the initial articles wouldn’t be recovered by the famous EC engineers,I decided to republish them.Of course,I wasn’t very frustrated compared to other writers who published many more articles during those last months before the disaster and who had quite an unpleasant and boring task of republishing so much material instead of focusing on new stuff,not to mention those who lost their articles for all eternity,so from this point of view I didn’t consider myself too affected by the crash.
       Anyway,after putting all my articles back where they belong and reaching that magical number 115 again,I made up my mind to look forward and resume my activity on the site which kept its leading position in my top of favorite sites despite the unexpected and unpleasant surprise it offered me,and every other EC enthusiast,this February.Inspired by the first rays of sunshine which appeared in
the sky above my town after countless cold days of winter and by the well deserved double earning bonus,which should compensate for the less satisfactory earnings I accumulated in the first half of this unfortunate February,I made up my mind to write this article as an encouragement to myself and other writers to keep on publishing on Expertscolumn and to believe that this site is still the best for online writers.

     The first signs of spring which are appearing in my country and give me a more positive general attitude,coincide with my first column after the terrible crash which almost made me fear that the end of EC was close;luckily,it turns out that my fears were exaggerated,so it’s time for a rebirth,a new spring for EC and maybe for the rise of a new and exciting era for all those who love this site.They say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger;I wonder if this words will apply to EC as well in the nearby future.After all,if we weren’t optimistic would we still be able to rise after being put to the ground by fate and keep on fighting for our ideals?If I didn’t believe that there are still great times ahead of Ec,I would simply leave it,but I have no intention to do that:for better or for worse I will remain close to Expertscolumn and I’m convinced that my perseverance will be rewarded.Long live EC!

Article Written By Sebastian Onciu

Romanian by birth and global citizen at heart, with a great thirst of knowledge and a desire to communicate with people from all corners of the world.

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