Another Milestone Reached In Expertscolumn:200,000 Views

       Expertscolumn,the undisputed leader among my online earning sites,has just given me another reason for celebration after reaching 200,000 views.

      I usually don’t set any ambitious targets for my online activities,such a writing a certain number of articles up to a fixed date,for the simple reason that I prefer to write whenever I feel like,without adding some extra pressure on my shoulders that would increase the burden of the stressful everyday life.However,that rather relaxed attitude towards EC and online writing in general doesn’t stop from enjoying the sense of achievement I feel whenever I reach a milestone here on

Expertscolumn or on any other site.That’s why I was quite excited when I saw that I was about to reach 200,000 views on Expertscolumn;like any other significant moment in my EC experience so far,such as reaching 100 articles published or making my first $100 on this extraordinary site,this is a very significant moment because it motivates me to keep on writing and move on the next level,which in this particular case is represented by the moment I reach 300,000 views.

     Making money online is definitely not an easy task,especially when you go through less pleasant moments,such I experienced lately with Bubblews,which failed to meet my expectations after not paying my last two redemptions,and above all Mylot,which shocked and everybody else by its sudden transformation from the best paying discussion site in the world to just another useless,pathetic social network like so many others.Of course,when you’re faced with such disappointments it’s hard to get mobilized and continue;luckily,as long as there is Expertscolumn there will be still a motivation for me to leave the dissatisfaction behind and move on towards new targets,because here on EC I know for sure,after being paid so many times since February 2012,that my efforts aren’t useless.

       So now,that I set the target of attaining 300,000 views it will be interesting for me to see how long it will take me to reach it;I

don’t have any special strategy for that goal,I will just keep on promoting my articles like I have done so far,by being daily involved in Twitter and in several Facebook groups whose members work together for the common cause of getting more views and implicitly more money.It’s a simple,but effective strategy which has worked very well so far for me,so there’s no need for a change of plans;as long as there are Facebook and especially Twitter at my disposal and as long as I cooperate with other writers as well,I can expect to get an average of about 400 views a day for my EC articles;if I add to this the incentive represented by the earnings I can make from now on by commenting on other people’s articles,which is a new and truly exciting feature here at EC,I predict that I will get some decent earnings for the next few months on the one and only Expertscolumn.

      Anyway,I am determined to write an article about my Expertscolumn experience every time I consider that I have achieved something important on this site,such as I have just done by reaching the threshold of 200,000 views.Like I said in a previous article,EC still rules my online words and its competitors are far behind it,so it’s normal for me to focus on the greatest and best paying writing site I am aware of .Long live Expertscolumn!

Article Written By Sebastian Onciu

Romanian by birth and global citizen at heart, with a great thirst of knowledge and a desire to communicate with people from all corners of the world.

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  • Sebastian Onciu  28-07-2017
    Thanks man, and I'm glad that after reading this post you feel inspired and ready to write new stuff. May you have a lot of inspiration and get some handsome rewards for your efforts!
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    • abhi_bangal  20-08-2017
      Oh, thanks a ton, my friend. There' no harm in getting inspired if we feel touched by something. I have set some goals for myself, which maybe, I will disclose in my next article.
  • abhi_bangal  28-07-2017
    Hey, congrats brother... This has inspired me to write more and garner more views. I just checked with all my 5 blogs that the views are handsome. Need to pocket some more in the coming days.
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