100 Articles On Expertscolumn And A Comparison With Another Writing Site

       To celebrate my 100th EC column,I will make a journey into the recent past and then back into the present in an attempt to compare the thoughts and feelings that cross my mind in this special day with the ones I had when I reached that magical number on the first site I started writing for,Triond.



    What a lovely day!The sun has finally appeared after some really cold days,the winter is coming to an end and,above all,I have just published my 100th article on Triond!They even gave me a nice pink badge with a

pencil in the middle to mark this achievement;pretty cool,isn’t it?I can use my fantasy and write about almost everything that comes to my mind and my work is published.They have more than a dozen different sites which give me the freedom to express myself,create and earn from my works.
     Wait,what am I talking about?Earn with Triond?I think it’s time to wake up,stop dreaming and face the harsh reality.What have I earned from Triond in almost a year since joining it?Not even $10 in total,although I have more than 20,000 views and I have been promoting my links daily on social sites,with friends and so on…Pretty ridiculous,isn’t it?Am I doing this only out of passion for writing?How much will take me to finally earn a decent amount of money out this site?1000 articles?10000?Who knows?Anyway,one thing is certain:enough is enough!So long,Triond!
I must confess that I am extremely disappointed with online writing sites;it seems that there are very few who respect their writers and pay them feel.I feel tempted to take a long break from this activity and spend my free time playing FIFA or other games instead of thinking about topics for articles.However,there’s a new kind in town called Expertscolumn;I have read good things about it and I started republishing some of my Triond articles on it,so why not give it a try?I think it’s time to focus
my energy into into EC and see what happens.


    Well,here we are in December 2012;the winter is back in my country,some people fear that this will be the last season of their lives since they expect the end of the world,and even if it doesn’t end the crisis appears to be endless,but none of these things matters to me at the moment;they pale in comparison to my great achievement of reaching 100 Expertscolumn articles;cool again,right?I know what you will say;I have reached this number before on Triond and I was so enthusiastic about it that I completely abandoned that site!From this point of view,you might say that history repeats itself and the same scenario will happen.
     If you think so,let me tell you something:no way!I have no intention of abandoning this fantastic site called Expertscolumn like I did a few months with the extremely disappointing Triond.Why am I so determined not to leave it?Well,the facts speak for themselves:$115 earned so far with approximately 131,000 views up this moment.Those numbers make Triond and two other sites I tried so far,Wikinut and Publish.Us,really lame and useless compared to the mighty Expertscolumn!They are miles behind and they are but nothing but history to me.


Article Written By Sebastian Onciu

Romanian by birth and global citizen at heart, with a great thirst of knowledge and a desire to communicate with people from all corners of the world.

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